Reverse Sequels

Reverse Sequels is a podcast where two bad movie aficionados watch the sequel to a movie they've never seen and try to figure out what the original was all about.

Paddington 2

This movie is like the TV show Oz except with a talking bear making marmalade sandwiches instead of a Nazi assaulting people in the showers. If that sounds disturbing that's because this children's movie is deeply dark and unsettling. So grab your pop up books and join us for Paddington 2!

The Raid 2 Part 2 (The Raid)

Have you even wondered what it would look like to see a man’s face impaled on a door frame? Do you want to see an amazingly choreographed two-on-one martial arts scene where one character continues to fight with a fluorescent light bulb protruding from his jugular? Did you like Cube? If you answered yes to any or all of these then The Raid: Redemption is for you. Join us as we review what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we could have never predicted with The Raid.

The Raid 2

This episode is as epic as this movie, an epic crime drama filled with thrilling choreography, stunning directing, and buckets of blood. It's equal parts brutal and beautiful. So grab a baseball bat or a hammer and join us for the Raid 2!

Black Magic 2 Part 2 (Black Magic)

If you thought Black Magic 2 sounded insane, wait until you hear everything that went down in the original. This was not a case where the sequel gets way crazier, both these movies are chock full of weird potions, melting faces, and of course squirting breasts. So eat a big bowl of black magic rice and listen as we break down Black Magic!

Black Magic 2

We thought we had seen all the greatest movies of all time. Citizen Kane, Bicycle Thieves, Seven Samurai, the Riddick trilogy... but now along comes a movie that is truly special. Three of the world's most dedicated doctors take on a master of black magic who stays young by drinking human breast milk and has an army of sex zombies. So grab your favorite pubic hair smoke cocktail and join us for the absolutely amazing Black Magic 2!

Big Momma's House 2

No surprise, a family takes on a new nanny. Big surprise - it’s Martin Lawrence undercover as Big Momma. What’s bigger than that - she loves to wear lacy green thongs and become one with the butt. And the biggest surprise of all...we loved this movie! Give your dog a few shots of tequila and join us as we discuss Big Momma's House 2!

Daddy's Home 2 Part 2 (Daddy's Home)

Once upon a time there was a king and queen who ruled over a mythical podcast. They watched sequels to movies without having seen the original and made prophecies in a magic microphone. This week they hear a tale about a king and a step-king who battle over the throne and the hearts of a prince and princess. So grab your longest sword and join us as we discuss Daddy's Home! 

Daddy's Home 2

Does Mel Gibson deserve love? What do supermodels write down in tiny notebooks? Where does Will Ferrell get a change of clothes in the middle of nowhere? Adjust your thermostats and join us as we discuss Daddy's Home 2!

Riddick Part 3 (Pitch Black)

We've reached the end of the Riddick trilogy... by watching the first movie in the series! It's going to be hard saying goodbye to Richard B. Riddick after spending so much time with him and we've still got a lot of unanswered questions. Is Riddick evil? Was he raised by wolves? What exactly are the naming conventions on Furya? So grab your bioluminescent slugs and listen as we tackle these questions and more in our discussion of Pitch Black!

Riddick Part 2 (The Chronicles of Riddick)

Chronicles of Riddick is a ridiculous fun space opera action movie that you'll love whether you are a half-dead or quasi-dead, a Necromonger or an Elemental. We talk about the movie's biblical overtones, how old a prediction has to be to be a prophecy, and the best way to kill a man with a teacup. So come smell the  beautiful with us as we discuss the second Riddick movie, the Chronicles of Riddick!


Richard B. Riddick where have you been all our lives!? This movie kicked so much ass we were ready to start hacking each other up with bone swords and writing messages with our blood in perfect handwriting. Vin Diesel is a bad ass hunting down mercs and seeing the world in pink. So grab your dingo dongo you big jamooks and join us for Riddick!

Reverse Sequels 50th Episode Special

In this very special episode we look back at the 50 movies we have watched so far. We talk about sequel themes (2:02), whether sequels deserve their bad reputation (10:50), our greatest debates (21:26), awards for categories like most outrageous never could have predicted and best death (42:10), and we count down our top 5 moments of the podcast so far. 

The Rainbow Trail


Yee-haw our first western! This movie has it all including a dastardly mask-wearing villain, amazing 1930s special effects, and vaudevillian damsels in distress. Pick up your harmonica and join us as we discuss The Rainbow Trail!

Crank 2 Part 2 (Crank)

Fight Club, Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead, Crank. What do these movies have in common? Only Ellie knows! Turtles humping, outrunning poison, and what Amy Smart does for a living in this movie. What do these things mean? Nobody knows! So grab a dose or two of Beijing cocktail and come stump punch your heart rate up with Crank!

Crank 2: High Voltage

This movie has everything you want in an action movie: Graphic violence, naked women, and a horse penis. Throw in Jason Statham and a reanimated severed head and you are just starting to scratch the surface of what this movie is about. Taze yourself in the balls and join us as we discuss Crank 2: High Voltage!

Grown Ups 2 Part 2 (Grown Ups)

What do a 20 minute basketball game scene, 20 minute water park scene, and 20 minute s’more eating scene have in common? Nothing. Now you get a feel for what this movie is all about. Join us at the Earnshaw’s lake house, as we discuss what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we could have never predicted with Grown Ups.

Grown Ups 2

Have you ever watched a movie starring Adam Sandler or Kevin James or David Spade and thought, wow that was the worst movie I've ever seen? Well you haven't seen anything until you've seen them all together and thrown in a blender with a guy from Twilight, some CGI animal genitalia and a river of bodily fluids. Join us as we try to stomach watching Paycheck the Movie aka Grown Ups 2!

Pacific Rim Uprising Part 2 (the original Pacific Rim)

We learned the German word origin of “Jaeger” and the Japanese word origin of “Kaiju” but other than that we didn’t learn a whole lot more. But this movie did raise a lot of questions about monster genitalia and the horrifying implications of linking brains with family members. So don’t be a colonizer and come join us as we discuss Pacific Rim.