Reverse Sequels

Reverse Sequels is a podcast where two bad movie aficionados watch the sequel to a movie they've never seen and try to figure out what the original was all about.

Dolphin Tale 2 Part 1

Dolphin Tale 2 is a movie that's harder to describe than a pelican trying to make love to a sea turtle. Ellie thinks it's really 2 movies in 1 since after the movie is over you have to watch about 20 minutes of real footage on what the movie was based on. Patrick thinks it's not a movie at all but rather a very long ad for an aquarium that should be condemned.

This is our first movie "inspired by true events" and the real Hope and Winter star as themselves in a movie that is sure to make you sea sick. So get inspired and join us as we discuss Dolphin Tale 2 and try to predict what Dolphin Tale was all about.